Friday, December 28, 2012

Reindeer Farm Wonderment!

we experienced what will now be an annual Christmas tradition! we went on a Reindeer Tour at Strickland Farm in White House, TN. It was an amazing experience! 

did you know that reindeer shed their antlers every year and grow them back? 

we got up close and personal with all of the reindeer! 
did you know that they really do click when they walk? not kidding!!  

 raymak said : "they are sayin, 'rudolph, come hang out with us!"

 her smile says it all! feeding blitzen some graham crackers!

 so much fun and so exciting!

 we think this is jingle!
 sweet donkey hope

 hope got raymaks thumb - it was a mistaken for hay - pour baby, but she recovered well!
 raymak and snowflake!
snowflake is 10 yrs old and retired from santa's sleigh - she now trains all of the younger ones and teaches them how to fly! 
we had such a fabulous time together and will be back next year for sure! 

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