Monday, April 26, 2010


having raymak has changed my life in so many ways.
all parents make changes when they have a child.
your sleep changes, your eating changes, your priorities change
life is different.

i love every change that has taken place in my life in the last 2 years!
i quit smoking, trying to quit cursing, i don't go out
(don't get me wrong....not judging anyone who does those things---ha!)

our pastor pete willson just wrote a book - plan b
i haven't read it yet, but i have heard his messages surrounding the subject
and i am thoroughly enjoying the series he is teaching right now called shattered dreams!

last night at church i was listening to pete and thinking about my life.
you start with a dream
with your dream comes hope
then you face threats and crisis (testing that hope)
that brings us to the point of trust or control
do we trust God to see us through to our dreams
or do we try to take control of the situation,
trying to make it happen the way we want it to happen,
when we think it should happen?
after the service i asked pete if he thought that it was as easy astrust or control........

i told him how in my life i lived in threat/crisis constantly for many years.
truly i believe that there was not trust or control on my part.
to be honest.......i didn't care.
it wasn't worth it to me to do either or.
i have been through some rough times in my life.
some i am not proud of.
some i am extremely proud that i had the strength to survive.

looking back and looking at my life now........
there is not a choice for me.
with raymak in the picture i have to trust.
it is impossible for me to control.
i can't not care any longer - that was always my cop out.
it is not as hard as i always thought it would to be to just enjoy life.
trust that we will be ok.
trust that we are loved by many.
trust that we will not only survive life, but survive with purpose!
and enjoy everyday of it!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

sunday morning naps

thought i would post some of my favorite
sunday morning nap pics of raymak
a usual sunday for us starts with
church at 8:30
home, nurse and nap
teach in kidzworld at 11:30
and home again to walk the dogs
and take an afternoon nap!

so this morning nap,
i decided at the very beginning
this was not a time for me to
clean, do laundry, eat, or get on the computer.
i don't put her down.
i hold her in my arms,
nurse her,
stare at her face,
kiss her hands,
pray for her future,
enjoy the the beauty of her.
i love to drink her in!
it is sad to realize this will not last forever.

our sunday morning naps are something that i cherish!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

raymak and the girls

before there was raymak
there were dakota and indigo.
i love my dogs!
dakota is almost 8
indigo is 5

everybody loves their dogs!
mine are no exception
we have been through a lot

they have cuddled me,
licked my tears,
laid beside me when i was sick,
celebrated birthdays and christmas'
with me!
i have never been alone since they came
into my life
it joys me to share them
with my daughter!

she loves them already!
1 year of walks,
waking up to licks,
using them as pillows!
it has already begun!

hangin with the underwood's

we have great fiends!
the underwood's is always
an entertaining experience!!!

when you pull up in their driveway
the first thought that usually pops
in your head is
"you might be a redneck"

meghan and i have been friends
for 6 yrs (at least)
we had lost touch for awhile,
but when we were pregnant with
the girls we started hangin out
then kiki and raymak were born
same day,
same hospital,
across the hall from each other,
an hour apart........
friends for life in the making!

when we get to their house
cody (3) and kiki are ready to play!
marty is usually huntin something
(he can hit a mouse in the kill zone - in the house- with a bow and arrow, no blood......true story)
while meghan and i watch and make
sure no one ends up in the hospital
(thank god she is a nurse - just in case!)

last week we showed up on a beautiful
friday afternoon and played outside.
all 3 kids were running around,
then we all ended up on the
sooooo much fun!
cody loves raymak......
he made her and kiki laugh
chasin them
and jumpin around!

then cody held raymak and she had her first
ride on the redneck backyard rollercoaster!

what a great relaxing day!
so glad we have such wonderful friends.
watching these kids love on each other,
laugh, scream, cry and play together
makes me smile!
we have great kids!
we have a great time together!

raymak's dedication

my precious girl was dedicated sunday march 21st it was beautiful!
our church had a special service....
there were 27 children dedicated and their families there to commit to support, guide, and encourage these beautiful babies!
our friends laurel, tiffany and karen where there with us raymak just walked around checkin everything and everybody out!

raymak's life verse is

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,
I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,
I was a stranger and you invited me in,
I needed clothes and you clothed me,
I was sick and you looked after me,
I was in prison and you came to visit me.
Matthew 25 vs 35, 36

i hope that she loves others the way she would want to be loved,
i hope that together we can give to those around us,
give of our time, love, prayer, encouragement and life
my hope for her is to encourage her to do anything and love everybody!

the story of the dress......
when i was 19 yrs old
i was a nanny in nice, france

one day at an antique street market
i bought this beautiful dress
(a hat and little shoes).
my brother and his wife had 2 girls
both were dedicated in this dress.
i was told that i could never have

children..........funny how 17 years later!
her she is!
and she looks beautiful!
my friend angela (
photographed her last july in it!

what a great and beautiful experience!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


we had more snow this year than
i have ever seen
and it was raymak's 1st snow!
we had a blast with the dogs,
our neighbors,
and being stuck at home!

can't wait til next year's snow, but we love the warm spring weather!!