Thursday, May 24, 2012

Texas Trip 2011........finally!

We went to Texas to visit Gran and Grandad!

Chillin in the wagon! 
Yee Haw little cowgirl
loves her grandad
she got a special lamb
Reading a book with grandad
Then we all drove to Plainview to see great-grandad for his birthday and the 4th of July!
wrestlin with grandad
Jacob is a cutie - captain america to raymak's rescue
the whole gang ready for the parade
she loves her great-grandad
and her uncle jared!
but she loves her mommy most!
hangin with grandad
gran and grandad
em raymak mommy and hannah
 After the parade we cooked out and popped poppers!

great grandkids
aunt darla and jacob
loves that uncle jared way too much!
ben, jake and raymak playing with mine and jared's old toys at my grandads

crazy boys!
machaela and raymak feedin the ducks

cousin fun

1st time we all visited mema's grave together
beautiful girl
gettin ready for church in gran's bathroom
love this smile

aunt gwen and a sleepin raymak
grandad, raymak, papa, and gran
we love babie
babie wants her sandwich
the little pups
cousin's watchin a movie
papa and raymak

"salute the flag"
playin piano with aunt gwen

we had such a great time with our family!
there were so many old times remembered.
watching the kids play and bond together as cousins, they are all so sweet to her and love her as if they see her every single day! so many games, songs, feedin ducks, curling up watching a movie, reading stories, eating ice cream ...........these are such special times together.

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