Friday, December 28, 2012

Papa's Funeral and Life Celebration!

on the airplane watchin a movie and drinkin a sprite
got to open her halloween box at when we got to gran's - so fun
grandad was throwin her around on the bed
"swing me just one more time grandad"
she was sooooooo excited to see her uncle jared
all the cousins growing up way too fast
watchin a movie with aunt darla at the restaurant 

love this girl and her smilin face!
uncle jared and aunt darla we love them a whole lot
papa's seat at church
me, amanda, emily and jared
my mom and papa's seat
raymak and cousin justin

papa's parking space
snugglin with grandad
sweetest girl, i love her so much i can hardly stand it!
me, amanda, emily, jared and darla - all grown up (how did this happen)
gettin a ride from uncle jared to the car, so much fun!
all the kids got their bag of halloween fun from gran in the parking lot
pooped out girl, snugglin with aunt emily before we go trick r treating
my cute little giraffe - love it
giraffe and captain america eatin candy corn!

iron man ready to go
attack of lilie
iron man, giraffe, and captain america patiently waiting 
"knock, knock, knock.....trick or treat?

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