Wednesday, June 16, 2010

so entertained

everyday she makes me smile!
she is changing and growing and learning something new everyday....
this week she is loving to color - she loves green!
she has found the moon - every night when we walk the dogs we find the moon and follow it til we get home. i say "i see the moon and the moon sees me, God bless the moon and God bless me"then she tries to copy me! over, and over, and over.........
i love it!!!!
on our walks she points out all the things we see (and have talked about every night since she was born). wrapped up on my chest she says "boat" and points to the neighbors boat in his yard, then she goes on tho point out EVERY single flower we pass........i love it more than anything! we wave at neighbors, and all the neighborhood cats. it is just our time to talk and share. (she is so smart! ha)

just last week in the car she started pointing out all of the trucks we pass......."tuck", yesterday she saw a motorcycle and looked a little confused!
we also sing a lot in the car!

i am drinking it all in and loving every last drop, savoring every minute we have together!
this morning my alarm went off at 5:45 am,
she had woken up at 4 am and i had put her in bed with me to nurse.
when i woke up she was snuggled up next to me, nursing with my boob in her little hands
sleeping so soundly and looking so completely happy and content.
we stayed in bed til 7 am ............ha!
it was great!
i keeping thinking i can't possibly love her more and then my heart fills up a little bit more completing me.

this pic makes me laugh........her 1st sucker!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

our december 2009 at a glance

the saturday after thanksgiving we went with the underwood's to buy raymak's 1st christmas tree! (tiff was with us too!)
we loaded up our tree and headed home to decorate!

she was checkin it out to make sure we had a good one!

tryin to little candy cane cutie!

she loves this winnie the pooh car from ms rebekah and can cruise all around the house and get close up to the christmas tree to help mommy decorate!

and the finish product was rewarding, loved and appreciated!
she loves snow men, all the ornaments, the christmas tree train and all of our decorations!

raymak loves her tiff!

we got her picture made with santa at the bass pro shop and headed to the opryland hotel to walk around and see all the was so beautiful! she loved it!

so cute in her little snowman outfit......i love this girl!

we were trying to get a picture for our christmas card.......thank you laurel and brooke for taking the pics and watching raymak while i went to my christmas party.....i missed her pretty bad!

9 month check up!
big girl........

valentines weekend 2009

happy valentines day from gatlinburg!
we had a girl's weekend with tiff, eliza and jennifer
it was a great time in the mountains, the snow and chillin in the hot tub!

my sweet girl's 1st valentine's day was great!

all us girls in the hot much fun!

raymak learned how to climb the stairs.........we could hardly keep up with her!

we cooked breakfast.....pancakes, eggs, bacon and strawberries........yummy!

and lots of hummus for the weekend!

me and tiff with my sleeping baby.......pooped out!
in front of caramel rice crispy treats, caramel apples, and yummy chocolate!

all the girls - jennifer, tiff, eliza, me and raymak
walkin around downtown beautiful!

pooped out girls!

meeting our texas family (last year)

this is my 96 yr old papa who got to see and hold rachel for the first time!
he tried to teach her how to play mumblepeg, but she is still a little young! ha

this is my mom and dad (gran and grandad)
my dad got to see her for the first time too and he loved her!

i love this picture my mom got of us!
we were pooped out girls ready for a nap!
we had left that morning and flown into dallas, loaded up and
went to spring creek barbque!

aunt em, a man, raymak, gran and mommy!
it had been 3 months since we had seen them!

this is my aunt qwen......she got to see raymak for the 1st time!

and my cousin val.........she loved on her too!

it was great to see everyone!

this just makes me smile

this was may 2nd last year!
we went to lunch for a friends bday.....
she looks so precious and sweet.
this makes my heart happy!

2nd annual pumpkin carving party

we had a blast!
our friends all came over for chili, beer and pumpkin carving!
brandi and amaya (and little laila was in the belly still)
vicki and trace
lindsey and friends.........
it was a great time had by all!

brandi and amay scoopin out their pumpkin!

lindsey being creative!

raymak is studying tiff's technique and taking in all her great tips!

mommy carved raymak a baby pumpkin! so cute!

eliza is just showing off her skills!

some of raymak's 1st

the first time raymak sat up by herself!
she was on the bed and sat there for quite a while!

then there was the first time she rode in the grocery cart!
out of the wrap.....sniff, sniff, sniff
we were shoppin at whole foods
she thought she was a big girl!

then there was the first time she stood up in the car to drive.
it was after church in the parking lot......
i changed her diaper in the front seat, which led to her turning up the radio
and was so cute!
i grabbed my phone.....snapped a shot and she fell and hit the gear shift!
i suck!!!

it's about time!

so, i have decided to take the time and blog!

catching up on the last year (15 mons)
sharing pictures and stories about our life

hope you enjoy!

Monday, June 7, 2010

orange popsicle fun

after a day at the park and running with the dogs it was time for a popsicle!
she loved it and was being begged to share!
although she was eagerly ready to share with dakota and indigo, i intervened with a treat instead!
love my girls!

nursing is beautiful

this is the perfect layout of my life the last 15 months.
laying in bed nursing this baby girl,
dogs curled up at my feet.
this sweet precious time makes me stop and enjoy the moment.
i stare at her sweet face,
caress her little cheek,
kiss her forehead and eyes,
play with her little toes,
run my fingers through her pretty hair,
so many great memories have been made during this time.
it will be a sad day for me when it ends, so i am drinking in every single moment!

mommy and raymak

we girls have so much fun!
love this girl!
i enjoy and appreciate every minute with her!
she is so beautiful, loving, adventurous and busy!

almost forgot the fun!

so much fun!
she loves to swing.......hates to get out!
(nathan did a great job documenting this experience)
i love to hear her laugh!
and she gets so relaxed.....we need a swing at home!