Thursday, April 15, 2010

sunday morning naps

thought i would post some of my favorite
sunday morning nap pics of raymak
a usual sunday for us starts with
church at 8:30
home, nurse and nap
teach in kidzworld at 11:30
and home again to walk the dogs
and take an afternoon nap!

so this morning nap,
i decided at the very beginning
this was not a time for me to
clean, do laundry, eat, or get on the computer.
i don't put her down.
i hold her in my arms,
nurse her,
stare at her face,
kiss her hands,
pray for her future,
enjoy the the beauty of her.
i love to drink her in!
it is sad to realize this will not last forever.

our sunday morning naps are something that i cherish!

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