Thursday, April 8, 2010

hangin with the underwood's

we have great fiends!
the underwood's is always
an entertaining experience!!!

when you pull up in their driveway
the first thought that usually pops
in your head is
"you might be a redneck"

meghan and i have been friends
for 6 yrs (at least)
we had lost touch for awhile,
but when we were pregnant with
the girls we started hangin out
then kiki and raymak were born
same day,
same hospital,
across the hall from each other,
an hour apart........
friends for life in the making!

when we get to their house
cody (3) and kiki are ready to play!
marty is usually huntin something
(he can hit a mouse in the kill zone - in the house- with a bow and arrow, no blood......true story)
while meghan and i watch and make
sure no one ends up in the hospital
(thank god she is a nurse - just in case!)

last week we showed up on a beautiful
friday afternoon and played outside.
all 3 kids were running around,
then we all ended up on the
sooooo much fun!
cody loves raymak......
he made her and kiki laugh
chasin them
and jumpin around!

then cody held raymak and she had her first
ride on the redneck backyard rollercoaster!

what a great relaxing day!
so glad we have such wonderful friends.
watching these kids love on each other,
laugh, scream, cry and play together
makes me smile!
we have great kids!
we have a great time together!

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