Monday, September 7, 2009


after this great 4 day weekend we've had
i am exhausted, but happy!
sitting her watching my baby girl sleep
so soundly,
so peacefully,
so beautifully,
it makes me grateful for my wonderful life.

we had such a great weekend full of raymak first....
of course i had no camera to document,
but i will try to pull some off my phone.
such a great day of laziness.
naps, walks and raymak's first picnic!!
enjoyed the neighborhood's farmer's market
great food, music, sights and smells!
fun with friends over tacos,
more napping and dog walking!
raymak sat by herself today....
no mommy needed, until she falls
went to early church, came home and held sweet raymak in my arms
while she took a nap......
moments like these remind me why i love nursing
stopping to hold this precious girl,
look into her eyes,
rub her soft cheek,
kiss her forehead,
hold her tiny hand,
examine her very being......i am in awe that i made her
she is part of me....
so unique and special!
every inch of her amazes me.
i love it when i really stop and enjoy her like this,
because it is going by so fast.....
i don't want to miss a moment!
we went back to church and taught the 2 to 5 yr olds.....they crack me up
kids are hilarious and so real.....they make me smile!
then we enjoyed some cracker barrel....
apple strudel french toast, eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy
i'm a nursing mom!
raymak sat in a highchair for the first time!
when we came home she took a nap......
while she napped i made homemade veggie soup....
blueberry muffins and cornbread.
did some cleaning and organizing.
i took my neighbor a bowl of the soup
and she shared her peanut butter cookies!
what a great night.......and it rained!
and raymak had apples for the first time......they were a hit!
we were lazy this morning!
walked the dogs
did laundry
met tiffany and tori for lunch....
cleaned......made my own floor cleaner!
(trying to be eco friendly, baby safe, money saving, and a good person!)
took a meal to a family at church
walked the dogs again
made bottles
washed dishes
packed my lunch (budget!!!)
bathed my baby
fed dogs
fed baby
did a little work
now it's time for bed!!

life is good........

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