Friday, September 4, 2009

raymak's first picnic

we had a lazy day today......
it was great!!!
woke up,
walked the dogs,
took a bath with raymak,
took a 3 hour nap,
walked the dogs again,
then tiffany called.....tiff is my bff
(more about her later)
she called and wanted to go have a picnic!
raymak was asleep again,
so i packed up the bag and we left when tiff got here
we found a great spot
ate some great food
(raymak ate some mashed bananas)
had a glass of wine
and talked about life, this baby and boys!
tiffany is such an amazing friend
i love spending time with her
talking with her
listening to her adventures and dreams.

so, the story of tiffany is this....
we became friends 2 years ago.
we met where we work.
we get each other.
when i found out i was pregnant
i was prepared to lose a great friend.
but that didn't happen.
i asked her if she would be my "person"
when rachel was born
(she hates the title birth
funny thing is i was really nervous about having to rely on a friend
for such an important event.
she owed me nothing and had no responsibility in this,
so i kept giving her an out.....
the reality is it was the best thing ever!
my friend shana was my labor and delivery nurse
and tiffany was my person.
it was just the 3 of us!
then 4~
it was amazing,
not stressful at all,
when i started pushing
shana said "i need you to push really hard"
i did (i thought)
then tiffany says....
"that face is not convincing me that you are pushing hard enough. you need to push harder"
the shana says "i have to agree!"
i am alone with these freaks telling me i am not pushing hard enough....
they are my support.......fuck!
it made me laugh!
once raymak spilled out into the world
tiffany and i looked at each other and cried......
it was amazingly beautiful
and amazingly perfect!
she was there every step of the way.
i didn't lose a friend, i gained a more amazing friendship!

all of that to say it was a great first picnic with raymak and tiffany!
we are going to have so much fun hangin out together.
life is good
raymak is sleeping
i am not far behind!

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