Friday, September 11, 2009


i am sitting here and i can't stop thinking about my grandad!
he is such a great man and love him more than he will ever know.
raymak and i were able to visit back in july....
the big 90th birthday!!!
it was so nice to be back in his house
eating cookie crisp, doughnuts and cantaloupe
going to church, seeing old faces
it all brings back great memories....
and to have him meet my daughter meant the world to me.
it makes me sad to know that she will not know him in the flesh
(but i promise you she will hear lots of stories about what a great man her great grandad is).
he is my hero and i respect him more than any man i have ever known.
being at his birthday party, talking to his old friends, seeing people who know, respect and love him come and wish him a happy birthday or to say thank you was amazing!
he is so loved by his community!
he makes me proud!
so many stories and incredible feats of kindness represent his life!

there is so much i could say and maybe i will later.
i just want to say how much i love him!

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