Thursday, March 28, 2013

one of the greatest nights of my life......

let me start out by saying that we have not been feeling good for a week now. 
raymak has had an ear infection and a little virus, and i have not been feel well. 
we have been home since last thursday and have left the house twice! i love it! 
i thought that we would be going stir crazy, but that is not the case! 
we have colored easter eggs......
working hard!
finished funny egg heads
bubble party in the sun
snack picnic and a little rainbow rice fun!
bird feeder
waiting quietly and patiently for the birds 
made a couple of pinterest crafts
bird's nest
our version of the coral reef!
rainbow unicorn

there has been lots of fun, lots of snuggles, lots of movies, and lots of sleeping!

tonight was one of the greatest nights of my life! 
raymak was feeling much better today and had lots of energy! 
her and our dog indigo were chasing each other around the house.....there was jumping on the bed, some screaming, a dance party and jammin on the keyboard!
we made our bird feeder, hung it up and she pulled up a chair waiting for the birds to come up to it. she called me out back and asked me to sit with her! we snuggled up in a blanket watching the birds for about 30 mins of pure perfection!
a little later a friend came by to hang out and check on us. he walked in the door and raymak went crazy! 
jumping on the bed, showing us "dangerous" tricks, there was a tickling match, a pillow fight, and she was a princess, then she informed me that i was the bad guy and dave was the handsome prince (lol!) hysterical! 
we ended up on the back porch (again). dave and rachel fought over chairs in a weird game of "you sit here!" then, (this is the best part!) she started to play eye spy! "i see with my little eyes.....ummmm......a magical star in the sky! now you mom!"
then.....she showed us how to make a wish on the magical star! she stood up, hands folded together, eyes closed............ "i wish, that there would be magical stars and rainbows during the day so i can see them with the sun, all day long" 
(i wanted to scoop her up and love her, and cry)
why do i want to cry? because she is so beautiful! i love her imagination! i love her dramatics! i love that she loves rainbows! i love that she is so articulate! i love that she has no fear! i love her excitement and enthusiasm! she is so precious to me! 
she then told the story of the magical star, which of course i can't remember and why i am documenting this now! 

hold on to every moment you have with your precious gift! even the small things are such a special experience with them is so important!

love my raymak!

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