Thursday, August 26, 2010

reflecting........trying not to forget a moment

looking at the pictures from the hospital when raymak was born
and bringing her home make me want to remember every single moment.
it's hard to believe she was that tiny!
it's hard to believe she has been here for 18 months (+9 in the bellie)
her birth was such a peaceful time for me.
tiffany and shana made it perfect.
dr cassidy was amazing as well!
i just want to savor that time today and remember
that baby smell, that new soft skin, that sweet little face, tiny little toes
our first night home.
sharing her with em, a man and mom!
such a beautiful time.
gettin checked out - i love that face!
finally on my chest, safe, skin on skin.......beautiful
snuggled with tiff
loved this sweet girl from the moment i saw her face (really even before)
being introduced to alaina, shana was trying to make friends since she had pissed her off with her 1st bath the day before
meeting the aunts!(we were crying......just fyi)
raymak and her gran
i even love changing her diapers! ha
ready to head home!
so many kisses!
so glad she is here!!

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