Wednesday, August 25, 2010

i love being raymak's mommy! (in pictures

raymak teachin me how to play checkers
slidin at dragon park!
my little skunk
in plainview 2009
eatin blueberry pancakes the morning after christmas
the greatest day of my life
at a birthday party
raymak's dedication
walkin around gatlinburg, tn
sleepin girls
paintin pottery
lovin life

to say that i love being raymak's mom would be an understatement!
she makes me smile every time i look at her.
the day she was born, was the day our adventure together began.
we are always together and i love it.
looking in those eyes i see so much beauty, so much curiosity, so much to learn.
18 months of joy is what i have been living........i wouldn't change a thing!
to appreciate her humanity, her innocence, her strength, her fragility, her love, her laughter...........
it is my honor and privilege to be her mommy.
i thank God everyday for this beautiful baby girl!

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