Thursday, March 11, 2010

can't believe it's been a year!!!

one year ago today -
i worked til 1:30 pm,
went to see dr ray for an adjustment,
got home and ate a salad, strawberries,
cantaloupe, chicken and drank a ton of water,
took the girls on a long walk,
watched grey's anatomy with tiff,
(she had a horrible toothache)
took a bath,
shaved my legs,
loaded up tiff's car and head to the hospital.
we checked in a midnight,
shana got me started on the potocin,
we fell asleep for a little while
then at 12:28 pm
raymak was born!
what a great moment!

her 1st birthday is saturday
march 13th
i can't believe it's been a year!
this last year i have loved every minute
of the time i have held her,
kissed her,
bathed her,
fed her,
played with her,
changed her,
and watched her!
she is the best thing that has ever happened to me and i am proud to be raymaks mommy!

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