Thursday, October 29, 2009

so mad at myself.........ugh

so, finally a blog!
do you ever feel like you just can't do it all?
well, i know i can do most of
i do it everyday!
more than i thought possible!

life is busy, but so so good!
raymak makes everything worth it....
my confession is that i have an excuse,
there is work, cleaning bathrooms,
making baby food, making mommy food,
laundry, sweeping dog hair, mopping floors,
walking dogs, cleaning dogs, feeding dogs
washing raymak, feeding raymak, pumping,
washing bottles, taking showers,etc....

those are all great excuses for me....
not only do i do them all, i do them all alone
but the truth is i love this baby!!
soon as i pick her up i want to just stare at her
watch her play, listen to her noises, read to her,
hold her, smell her, kiss on her,
nurse her, she makes me smile!
she is my!

she changes so much everyday
i don't want to miss a thing
trying to soak it all in is exhausting!

there is so much to say
so many feelings inside me
so many blog ideas fill my head all day long!
so look for them to start coming more often!!

blogs to come about:
great friends
the dogs
our walks
the pumpkin patch
7 month old update
getting ready for the holidays
trying to be ecofriendly, greener and frugal
so much change
love overflowing
just some ideas....

see ya tomorrow!

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