Friday, August 30, 2013

the move......

we had so much happen in the last few months it has been crazy and at times scary. 
moving with a 4yr old is the actually the most fun ever!
there were stressful times, but then when you have such a cute little helper the stress just melted away. 
she helped load the truck with her friend grace......they were actually amazing help!


amazing friends make things so much easier

loaded up

me and my girl ready for our new adventure! 

raymak's hideout
 funny thing is she didn't want to unload! so she settled in to her new hideout, while i did all the work!!!!!!!!!

we are done and takin the truck back!
 you know i was more worried about her and the change, but it did not phase this girl, she has not missed a beat! we are having a blast and loving our new life!
change is so hard, but so good!

1st night in our new bed!
i thank God everyday for this fun, happy girl who loves life, loves people and loves her mama!
i could not do this without her!

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