Friday, November 26, 2010

gentry farms 2010

i love gentry farms!
every year i can't wait til October so we can go walk around the farm. 
eat some popcorn, cookies and drink hot cider. 
then we leave with a pumpkin, or two. 
this is raymak's 2 nd year to go and she loved it!
tiff, frama and amy went with us and we had a blast!!

walkin with tiff

giddy in the teepee
walkin thru the maze
playin in the barn
chillin in the pumpkins
proof we went pose!

ready to slide

lovin on the goat

scoopin up the corn

waitin with mommy for the hayride!          
 we had a great day and it was much warmer than last year!
love this tradition.
again here is last year......

 i love this baby girl more than the words can describe. 
she has my heart and i am heppy
we have so much fun together 
everyday is a new adventure and we both jump in feet first!

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