Tuesday, June 8, 2010

our december 2009 at a glance

the saturday after thanksgiving we went with the underwood's to buy raymak's 1st christmas tree! (tiff was with us too!)
we loaded up our tree and headed home to decorate!

she was checkin it out to make sure we had a good one!

tryin to walk......my little candy cane cutie!

she loves this winnie the pooh car from ms rebekah and can cruise all around the house and get close up to the christmas tree to help mommy decorate!

and the finish product was rewarding, loved and appreciated!
she loves snow men, all the ornaments, the christmas tree train and all of our decorations!

raymak loves her tiff!

we got her picture made with santa at the bass pro shop and headed to the opryland hotel to walk around and see all the lights......it was so beautiful! she loved it!

so cute in her little snowman outfit......i love this girl!

we were trying to get a picture for our christmas card.......thank you laurel and brooke for taking the pics and watching raymak while i went to my christmas party.....i missed her pretty bad!

9 month check up!
big girl........

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